Safety Training

Required Safety Training

 The privilege of working on the farm is contingent on strict adherence to safety guidelines and to prioritizing not only your personal safety but the health and safety of others.

 Steps to complete for safety training before starting work on the Energy Farm:

1) Complete Farm Hazard Training

  • The Farm Hazard Training is mandatory for personnel working at any field research center, which includes the South Farms as well as the field research stations across Illinois. First-time users of any research center must complete the training before they begin their activities at the units.
  • The Farm Hazard Training modules are available in the OVCR Portal( After logging in with your NetID and password, browse the course catalog for “Farm Hazard” and you should find all four modules.
  • Please screenshot or print the Certificate of Completion provided at the end of each course. For any questions or difficulties with the site, please contact Director of Safety, Daniel Gaither.
  • The Farm Hazard Training is broken down into four modules:
    1. Awareness
    2. Communication
    3. Education
    4. Safe Actions

2) Complete Energy Farm Specific Module in Canvas

  • Fill out the training request at this link. REQUEST LINK Once enrolled, you will receive an email with further instructions for accessin the training.

3Complete the Campus Division of Research Safety Hazard Communication Module

Additional Resources: 

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Task Specific Training Resources *Please note that in addition to viewing these videos below, you must complete a hands on training/orientation to be documented as completed before using these resources